General Queries

Where can I purchase Duresta furniture?

You can purchase Duresta furniture from our network of nationwide stockists. Click here to find your nearest stockist

Where can I find the dimensions of the furniture?

The height, width, and depth of every piece of furniture can be found on the website and in the back of the Duresta Collection Brochure. The measurements refer to the maximum size of the sofas. For example the height of the sofa includes the height with the back cushions.

Although every effort has been made to ensure that dimensions are accurate, due to the handcrafted nature of our products, please allow a tolerance of +/- 3cm.

Delivery may be a problem, can Duresta make any adaptations to make access easier?

It is important to check that your sofa and chair will fit into your home prior to purchase. We do have a number of options on certain models to allow for ease of delivery.

  1. Certain models have removable back legs – this is highlighted on the model specification for each model, on the website, and in the brochure
  2. It may help for you to find out the height of the sofa without the back cushions and legs (please ask your retailer)
  3. Certain models have removable arms – this is stated on the model specification for each model, on the website, and in the brochure
  4. Some of our sofas are available with  ‘split’ options – this is stated on the model specification for each model, on the website, and in the brochure

Please ensure the adaptation is available on the model that you are selecting with your retailer before placing your order.

What kind of guarantee do I have with my purchase of Duresta furniture?

Every Duresta sofa and chair comes with a 25 Year frame guarantee, excluding legs. Your furniture’s fabric comes with a 1 year guarantee, as well as a 10 year spring guarantee, and a 2 year guarantee for interiors. This must be registered online at DURESTA.COM. Please contact your retailer for fabric and interiors guarantee information. Click here to register your guarantee.

Do Duresta offer alternative options for seat and back interiors, leg and castor finishes?

Yes, most of the specifications can be changed – the available options are listed n our collection brochure and within the specification of your chosen model on the website.

Do Duresta sell recliners?

Recliner furniture is not currently part of the Duresta collection. We do offer a wide range of styles and designs, with options on interiors, backs, and seat fillings to ensure you can find the perfect sofa for you. Click here to browse our collections.

I've seen a Duresta sofa on eBay, is it genuine?

Unfortunately, we cannot vouch for the authenticity of models that are advertised anywhere other than at DURESTA.COM or through our network of official stockists.  Click here to find your nearest Duresta stockist.

Buying Duresta Furniture

Why can't I find prices on the Duresta website?

Duresta Sofas and Chairs are all made to order in your choice of covers and finishes. The Recommended Retail Price represents a fair market price for the quality of workmanship and materials used. The RRP for our products varies for each design, with the price band of the fabric or leather grades chosen and any additional chargeable extras. Our retailers are free to set their own selling price in line with the RRP, so we recommend that you get a quote from your local stockists.

Should you visit the showroom we will be more than happy to give you an RRP price.

Can I buy from Duresta directly?

Duresta only supplies leading retailers and businesses across the UK and internationally. The Duresta showroom in Long Eaton is open to the public by appointment, and we will happily assist you in purchasing your furniture, you will then need to place your order with a Duresta stockist.

Click here to find your nearest stockist

Do Duresta have factory sales?

Duresta is part of the prestigious Sofa Brands International group. The group has an outlet based in  Long Eaton, click here to visit Sofa Brands Outlet.

Can I purchase fabric lengths separately?

We are only able to sell additional lengths of fabrics along with a Duresta furniture order. Please contact your local stockist for more information.

How do I place an order?

Once you have selected your furniture, please visit your local Duresta stockist to place your order. The retailer will be very happy to help you with every aspect of your purchase.

Do Duresta sell arm caps?

We do not offer arm caps, but arm throws are available as chargeable extras on certain models. Please refer to the model specification for each model, on the website, and in the brochure

Can I set up a Duresta trade account?

Send us your business details along with a brief company background & proposition, address, and website details, we will pass this onto the relevant Area Sales Manager, who will be in touch.

Click here to register your details with us.

Caring for your Duresta Furniture

How do I care for my leather upholstery?

All Duresta aniline dyed leathers include a light surface finish to help resist stains and scratches. In the event of an accidental spillage, it is imperative to act quickly. If you are in any doubt, please seek help from a professional upholstery cleaning company.

  • Carefully soak up any excess liquid, ideally using the edge of a paper towel, then dab gently with a fresh towel, taking care to avoid spreading or soaking in the remaining liquid.
  • Please note that not all types of stains will clean away.
  • Please bear in mind that all aniline leather requires some maintenance. In addition to regular dusting – light scratches and scuffs can be removed by gently buffing with a slightly damp, soft cloth or chamois.
  • It is important to rub very gently, to avoid any colour change.
  • Never use saddle soap, cleaning solvents, furniture polish, oils, waxes, abrasive cleaners, general stain removers, and any silicone or ammonia-based products.
  • Though scratch removal cream can be very effective, always check that they are suitable for aniline leathers before use.
  • For more information please click here
How do I care for my fabric upholstery?

We recommend that you vacuum your Duresta furniture occasionally, using a soft brush attachment. If you have feather seat interiors – brush the cover with a soft brush, as there is a risk that a vacuum could pull the feathers into the cushion fabric. Over time, minute dirt particles will settle on your furniture and will impregnate the fibres of the fabric. Even though these particles are small, they can be sharp and could cause premature wearing of the fabric.

Short and loose fibres that are woven into the fabric during production are present in many new fabrics and can cause fabrics to pill. This results in small tufts of fibres appearing on the top surface of the fabric. These can easily be removed using a de-pilling device. The initial pilling of new fabrics is not detrimental to the durability of the furniture.

Dralons are generally a hard-wearing durable fabric. To meet current fire regulations and to increase durability, many dralons now have a back coating of flame retardant chemicals. This backing can cause the fabrics to stiffen and crease. Creasing is a characteristic of modern dralons and should not be considered a fault, as it is not detrimental to the performance of the fabric.

How do I clean my Duresta furniture?

It is difficult to give precise instructions on cleaning your Duresta furniture as different fibres and fabric construction combined with local environmental factors require specialist cleaning techniques.

In the unfortunate event of a spillage, we recommend that you act as quickly as possible. Do not rub, soak the material, or allow the stain to dry and set. Absorb the spillage using a white kitchen roll or a white bleach-free dry absorbent cloth. If you are in any doubt, please seek help from a professional upholstery cleaning company.

  • Where solids are concerned, scrape up with a blunt knife or spatula, being careful not to spread the stain further.
  • Treat wine, spirits, or coffee stains with distilled water only.
  • For oil and grease marks, use a proprietary cleaning fluid. We recommend that you purchase an upholstery cleaning fluid and keep it safely stored at home for future use.
  • Some stains respond better to removal whilst they are still wet. Before tackling the stain with any cleaning fluid, we recommend that you perform a test on an unexposed part of the fabric to ensure no further damage is caused.
  • Some cleaning fluids can affect the dye in certain fabrics, causing ringing or smudging.
  • For more information please click here

Duresta Owners

Do Duresta offer a re-upholstery service?

Unfortunately, we do not offer a re-upholstery service. However, we can offer new seat and back cushion covers and new interior fillings to purchase. Please visit your local Duresta stockist for further information. Click here to find your nearest stockist.

How do I register my new Duresta furniture?

Every Duresta sofa and chair comes with a 25 Year frame guarantee. This must be registered online at DURESTA.COM. Click here to register your guarantee.

Can I order replacement parts for my Duresta Furniture?

We can supply replacement parts including interiors and castors for your furniture. Please contact the stockist from where you purchased your Duresta furniture, who will be more than happy to help.

Can I order loose covers for my Duresta furniture?

Regrettably, this is not a service we offer here at Duresta.

I have an issue with my furniture, what do I do?

In the unlikely event that you experience a problem with your furniture, please contact your original retailer where you purchased your furniture.

Customer Update - Help with your order.

Every single customer is incredibly important to us here at Duresta. Our teams are doing everything they can here at our new state of the art manufacturing facility to produce your orders to the Duresta standard as quickly as possible. We must inform you that we are experiencing ongoing challenges and delays due to the impact of the pandemic, Brexit and increased demand for Duresta. We are doing everything we can to communicate accurate and up to date delivery information to our retail partners. We apologise for the inconvenience and appreciate your support and continued understanding.

Who should I contact for an update on my order?

As your contract of sale lies with your retailer, you should contact the retailer from where you purchased your furniture. We are keeping all our retail partners regularly appraised on delivery dates to ensure they can update you.

What are your current lead times?

Current lead times for new Duresta orders are up to 12-14  weeks for certain models. Your retailer will be able to provide you with more detailed information

I have already been waiting some time for my order.

Every Duresta piece is individually handcrafted for you and our lead times reflect the time and care we put into making every single Duresta sofa and chair.

We are incredibly sorry for the delay and appreciate that you may have already waited some time for your furniture. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Your order is incredibly important to us.

Please contact your retailer from where you purchased your furniture for a new delivery date.

Still can't find the answer?

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