We recommend that you vacuum your Duresta furniture occasionally, using a soft brush attachment. If you have feather seat interiors – brush the cover with a soft brush, as there is a risk that a vacuum could pull the feathers into the cushion fabric. Over time, minute dirt particles will settle on your furniture and will impregnate the fibres of the fabric. Even though these particles are small, they can be sharp and could cause premature wearing of the fabric.


It is difficult to give precise instruction on cleaning your Duresta furniture as different fibres and fabric construction combined with local environmental factors require specialist cleaning techniques. We recommend that you contact a professional upholstery cleaning company.


In the unfortunate event of a spillage, we recommend that you act as quickly as possible. Do not rub, soak the material or allow the stain to dry and set. Absorb the spillage using white kitchen roll or a white bleach free dry absorbent cloth. Where solids are concerned, scrape up with a blunt knife or spatula, being careful not to spread the stain further. Treat wine, spirits or coffee stains with distilled water only. For oil and grease marks, use a proprietary cleaning fluid. We recommend that you purchase upholstery cleaning fluid now and keep it safely stored at home for future use.

Some stains respond better to removal whilst they are still wet. Before tackling the stain with any cleaning fluid, we recommend that you perform a test on an unexposed part of fabric to ensure no further damage is caused. Some cleaning fluids can affect the dye in certain fabrics, causing ringing or smudging. If in any doubt, please seek help from a professional upholstery cleaning company.


Some fabrics are specially treated to resist soiling, however if this is not the case, the application of a care system can facilitate stain removal, reducing the risk of permanent damage. It will also help your fabric to retain its original appearance for longer, extending its useful life. Some fabrics are not suited to soil resist application. Before any proprietary soil repellent treatment is applied, it is important that the fabric is tested for resistance to colour bleeding and shrinkage.

We cannot accept responsibility for soil resist treatments that are not inherent to the fabric or manufacturing process at Duresta.  Should you have any further questions regarding the quality and care of your Duresta upholstery, please contact your Duresta retailer.

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