An interior trend that is making a statement this year, is Colour Drenching. Colour drenching entails using colour, as the focal point of any living space and steering away from the use of white. This includes walls, ceilings, woodwork and even upholstery, taking a brave leap into the use of colour, creating a bold, daring, and creative living space.

With any colourful living space, you need the perfect furniture that complements the room. There are many ways that furniture can be used in a space with colour drenching. Firstly, adding furniture that is in the same shade as the room, creating a beautiful and seamless aesthetic that pulls the room together. To achieve this look, we have dressed our Belgrade Reading Chair in Odeon Bronze, to perfectly blend with the grey of the walls and woodwork. There are many textures, colours and patterns that can be used to add more depth to your space. For example, we have used scatter cushions dressed in Accalia Fur Wolf, to add some texture. With over 700 Duresta fabrics there are endless combinations that you could use to achieve your perfect colour drenched décor, with a touch of something extra! You just need to find the right fabric that works for you.

Belgrade Reading Chair

Secondly, add a dash of colour that subtly contrasts the interior décor, creating multiple colour dimensions. We created this look by using our stunning Amelia sofa, dressed in Dolomite Chevron Mink, set against an olive-green wall and woodwork. By using soft and similar colours, it effortlessly blends features of the room and brings different elements together. We achieved this by introducing scatters in Dolomite Diamond Mink, adding a beautiful pattern to tie in with the olive-green wall, and scatters in Monarch Whisper. There are many different aesthetics that you could implement in your home that can be designed to your style and tastes, with different sofa collections, fabrics, colours, and patterns to choose from, find your inspiration!

Amelia Grand 2 Cushion Sofa

Another way of using furniture with colour drenching is by making a bold statement and using furniture as a way of creating a dramatic look, that contrasts in colour. We have set the Finsbury sofa, dressed in Varenna Henna, against a dark grey feature wall to bring the colour to life and making an excellent style statement.

Finsbury Large

A final way of making a bold style statement is by using patterned fabrics on your furniture. By using patterns alongside a colourful room, it adds depth and creates an interesting and bright living space. We have dressed our gorgeous Carnaby chair in Fitzgerald Midnight and set it against a deep blue wall, to achieve that perfect bold style statement.

Carnaby Chair

At Duresta we want to help you create your perfect look, making your house a home. With many different furniture options and fabrics to choose from you can achieve your ultimate colour drenched space. Seeing different looks, colour combinations and patterns for yourself is the ultimate way of envisaging the perfect design for your home. You can visit our showroom to see the different fabrics we have, and what works well together – with the help of our showroom experts of course, and begin to create your desired look.

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