Please see below a list of frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page – the Duresta team would be delighted to help you further!

The height, width and depth of every piece of furniture can be found on the website and on the individual model product card. The measurements refer to the maximum size of the sofas. For example: the height of the sofa includes the height with the back cushions.

For more specific information regarding the furniture, please contact your retailer.

The hand crafted nature of our products means that we are able to offer a bespoke tailoring service on some models, enabling us to change certain elements of the model to suit your needs.

All requests for bespoke sizes are submitted to our Design and Development team for consideration and are decided on an individual basis. Please contact your local retailer to discuss your requirements.

It is important to check that your sofa and chair will fit into your home, however…

  1. Certain models have removable back legs – this is highlighted on the associated product card for that model
  2. It may help for you to find out the height of the sofa without the back cushions and legs (please ask your retailer)
  3. Certain models have removable arms – this is stated on the associated product card for that model
  4. Certain models are available in ‘split’ options – this is stated on the associated product card for that model

Please ensure the adaptation is available on the model that you are selecting with your retailer before placing your order.

Every Duresta sofa and chair comes with a 25 Year frame guarantee. This must be registered online at DURESTA.COM. Please contact your retailer for fabric and interiors guarantee information.

Unfortunately, we do not offer a re-upholstery service. However, we can offer new seat and back cushion covers and new interior fillings to purchase. Please refer to your local retailer for further information.

Yes, most of the specifications can be changed – the available options are listed on the associated product card for that model.

Duresta only supplies leading retailers and businesses across the UK and internationally. The Duresta showroom in Long Eaton is open to the public by appointment, and we will happily assist you in purchasing your furniture. However, your order will need to be placed with your local retailer. Search for your local retailers here.

Unfortunately, we do not have factory sales.

Our normal lead time is 10-12 weeks, however the lead time of an order can vary depending on the fabric choice. We offer a fast track collection of fabrics with a lead time of 6-8 weeks. If you have a specific lead time, please make your retailer aware and we will do our utmost to produce your furniture for delivery by this date.

We are only able to sell additional lengths of fabrics along with a Duresta furniture order. Please note the Duresta for Matthew Williamson Collection fabrics cannot be sold separately.

Once you have selected your furniture, please visit your local Duresta stockist to place your order. The retailer will be very happy to help you with every aspect of your purchase.

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