After you’ve invested in a piece of Duresta furniture, you will want to ensure that you keep it in tip-top condition to ensure that it lasts the test of time. Beyond general maintenance of the piece of furniture, there are also things you need to keep in mind when it comes to your seat cushion interiors and cover.

To do this, there are a few things you can do to ensure your cushions last just as long as the rest of the piece of furniture.


For general care and maintenance of the cushions, it’s important to know how to handle them, from plumping to a few simple cleaning tips.

– To keep seat cushions looking their best, we recommend that they are plumped and turned regularly.
– Plumping your cushions regularly allows them to maintain their shape, helping fibres to avoid binding and flattening.
– Covers can be removed for the majority of models, and we recommend professional dry cleaning for these covers where possible.
– Reduce exposure from the sun by placing the furniture and the cushions in a shaded area of the room.
– Remove any spills or dirt you find immediately. Never rub spills or stains, instead lightly dampen them and then seek professional help.


Pilling is the cause of normal wear and tear and is a result of normal daily use. Pilling is caused by rubbing against the surface of the fabric of the cushion and there are many variables that trigger pilling, including atmospheric and climate conditions, as well as how the cushions are used. Specific clothing that people wear can transfer or cause pills (particularly fleece), as well as belts and buttons causing it too by rubbing against the cushion.

To remove pilling, the quickest and most cost-effective approach is to use a battery-operated pill shaver to remedy the situation, however you can also get a pill comb which is just as effective.  If in doubt, please seek professional help.


Due to the varying factors of different fibres and fabric construction combined with local environmental factors, it is not possible to give precise instruction on how to clean your furniture yourself.  Therefore, we always recommend having your cushion covers washed professionally.  Never machine wash your covers at home or put them in a clothes dryer.


If an accident occurs and you have a spillage, you should act quickly to spot clean the area.  Do not rub or soak the material or allow the stain to dry and set.  Absorb the spillage using white kitchen roll or a white bleach-free, dry, absorbent cloth. Where solids are concerned, scrape up with a blunt knife or spatula, being careful not to spread the stain.  For wine, spirits, or coffee, treat with distilled water only, using soap or shampoo as a last resort.  For oil and grease marks use a proprietary cleaning fluid.  Rather than wait until disaster strikes, it may be prudent to purchase some upholstery cleaning fluid now and keep it safely stored at home for future use.  Some stains respond better to removal whilst they are still wet.  Before tackling the stain with any cleaning fluid, always do a test on an unexposed part of fabric to ensure no further damage is caused.  Some cleaning fluids can affect the dye in certain fabrics causing ringing or smudging.  If in doubt, seek professional help.


To keep seat cushions looking their best, be sure that you regularly turn them. Give foam, feather or fibre-filled cushions a shake or plump them as often as possible to help them keep their shape Some fabrics may naturally ‘creep’ or ‘slide’ over time and with use.  Flipping will minimise this, however sometimes it is necessary to unzip the cushion and pull or rub the fabric back into place.



Exclusive to Duresta, this cushion is a mix of foam and duck feather which provides excellent comfort whilst retaining durability. Regular shakes and turning the cushion will help it retain definition.


Feather-filled ‘wraps’ or ‘feathered layers’ have inserts filled with feather wrapped around a foam core.  This is one of the best quality cushion fillings in the industry and requires minimal maintenance, however always look out for general wear and maintenance when required.


These cushions are manufactured using only the best reflex foams with a light fibre wrap applied to further improve comfort and appearance.  This cushion provides a more tailored look and requires the least amount of maintenance, although cushions still require plumping and turning to even out wear and prolong their durability.


These cushions are filled with man-made synthetic materials that offer a plump appearance and deep, soft comfort. A fantastic quality cushion that must be plumped regularly.


Feather-filled cushions, especially when used as base cushions, require regular plumping and flipping.  If this is not done their appearance and comfort level may deteriorate quickly, so you should plump them as often as possible.


Exclusive to Duresta, this cushion is a memory foam centre that is wrapped in feather. Giving it a more resilient interior, this cushion recovers after use and requires less maintenance – just give it a shake to help it retain definition.