There is something beautiful about traditional and classic interior spaces and adapting an aged style into a luxuriously modern and unique interior. A sofa is a key element within a living space, its details, fabrics, and scatters can drive other interior style elements. By combining traditional furniture with the right fabrics and accessories, you can achieve a beautifully elegant yet fashionable style décor.

The Details

The Southsea sofa embodies all the classically wonderful details you’d expect from a traditional style sofa. It models graceful, scrolled arms, where the fabric is neatly pleated around the curved arm, encapsulating exceptional attention to detail. Its high back is effortlessly inviting and offers a sophisticated aesthetic, creating grandeur and a luxurious design.

Here, we have the Southsea Large Cushion Sofa, demonstrating a divine look, as it embraces the beautiful fabric, Oscar Argent. This stunning damask fabric is the epitome of English luxury and creates an excellent traditional design. We have applied purple and striped scatters to add a dash of colour, depth and personality to the room.

Notably, the impeccably styled Southsea legs, offer extra detailing to a sublimely beautiful sofa and embody excellent traditional features. With a choice of five different types of wood, you can choose the right sofa legs that suit your home, as each offers a different aesthetic.

Traditional styling meets modern décor

So, how do we add a modern twist to this impeccable sofa? It’s all about how it is dressed and accessorized! Fabric is a pivotal factor in the type of aesthetic that is trying to be achieved and can create so many different designs. For example, the Southsea sports a very different and modern look when dressed in Yaguara Onyx, which is a beautiful black animal print fabric, accompanied by Ebony legs.

There are so many other design elements, aside from fabrics, that can create the perfect elegantly modern look you have been searching for. For example, accessories, rugs, art, and wall paint. The Southsea Medium Low Back sofa has been styled wonderfully, taking a traditional style sofa, and accessorizing it in a modern way. Bronte Stripe Charcoal has been dressed on the sofa and Southsea Chair, which ties in beautifully with the deep grey wall. A dark wall interior creates an effortlessly modern design, as deep hue walls are a current trending look. To complement this, interesting, artistic, and contemporary wall art has been placed above the sofa, which aids the modern design that is trying to be achieved.

Alongside this, rugs have been layered to incorporate colour whilst keeping in tune with the charcoal aspects of the space. Typically, rugs are central to a space and placed on their own, so we are loving how this untraditional design uses two different rugs, layered together and creating a fabulous feature of the floor.

The final modern element of this space, which has been combined with the elegant Southsea collection, is the contemporary style coffee and side tables. Modelling a beautiful black and gold design, an iconic colour combination that works perfectly with the sofa fabric and Ebony legs, as well as the picture frames of the artwork.

For a limited time, you can receive a free Southsea Banquette footstool when you purchase 5 seats or more from this beautiful collection. Find your closest Southsea stockist via our website, so you don’t miss out on this fantastic offer! You can also find more styling inspiration on our latest Pinterest board.

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