Do you adore bright, vibrant, and colourful spaces with exciting, daring, or elegant patterns? Then you will be in awe of this summer’s colourful interior design trend, which is the perfect excuse to show off your creative side. Switch out safe and muted palettes for interesting, bold and colourful prints!

Animal print has always been a timeless design that constantly finds its way back into fashion. Our fabric Domenico Black/Gold is a classic, iconic, and gorgeous design, that emphasizes a bright and bold look on your furniture. The Horatio Chair displays this fabric beautifully – modelling a showstopping piece, which encapsulates an extravagant style décor.

If the traditional black and gold tiger stripe look is too regular for you, then cast your eyes over our Domenico Silver fabric, which uses silver and white beautifully and uniquely. This colour combination is revolutionary in creating an unoriginal tiger stripe design but similarly offers a bright and colourful aesthetic. The Hermitage sofa uses this fabric wonderfully on scatters adding depth and character to the look.

The final animal print look is the fabric Sabi Charcoal, which uses grey and gold to create a divine look with beautiful and complementary colours. The Waldorf looks spectacular in this unique and showstopping fabric – evolving this traditional and elegant sofa, into a bold and fashionable design.

Are you ready to add Duresta beauty into your home and create a sofa or chair with beautiful, trending summer prints? With a choice of over 700 fabrics, you can transform your home, and suit your tastes and style, just request your complimentary fabric samples to find the perfect look for your home.

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