Here at Duresta we offer a free sample service to ensure you are happy with the colour, material and texture of your chosen fabric, before you go on to purchase your furniture. We recommend you request up to six samples to help decide on your style preference. To search for a fabric, please type the name, reference number or use the filters below.

For those fabrics bearing a ‘LIMITED STOCK’ badge, please check with your retailer to ensure we have adequate stock for your order.


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Limited stock Aegis – Linen
Limited stock Aegis – Pewter
Allure – Noir
Almora – Indigo
Alnwick – Russet\Stone
Alpha – Cranberry
Limited stock Alpha – Dusty Pink
Limited stock Alpha – Linen
Limited stock Alpha – Mocha
Alpha – Slate
Althorp – Russet Stone
Althorp Stripe – Russet Gold
Althorp Stripe – Russet Stone
Althorp Stripe – Teal Mink
Limited stock Amira – Mocha
Amira – Red Sand
Amira Diamond – Mocha
Limited stock Amira Diamond – Red Sand
Limited stock Amira Stripe – Mocha
Anatolia – Champagne
Anatolia – Olive
Limited stock Annalise – Dove Grey
Limited stock Annalise Stripe – Fuchsia
Annecy – Mist