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    1. You are only eligible to claim your £100 Cash Reward if:

    (a)you spent over £2,500 (including VAT but excluding any delivery or sofa protection charges) on ordering furniture from Duresta Upholstery Ltd .

    (b) you ordered your Duresta Sofa or Chair between 1st July 2020 – 1st September 2020 inclusive from an official Duresta stockist (visit our website www.duresta.com  for details of our official Duresta Collection stockists); and

    (c)you or a member of your household are a registered Key Worker including; Health Worker, Social Care Worker, Emergency Services and Armed Forces in the UK & EIRE, Channel Islands or Isle of Man

    (d)it is a new order, not ex-display stock.

    (e)your address is in the UK & EIRE, Channel Islands or Isle of Man.

    2. Only one £100 Cash Reward can be claimed per household.

    3. To claim your £100 Cash Reward, you must complete the online claim form www.duresta.com and send your final sales invoice together with a photocopy of key worker identification card, payment receipt and delivery note to the above address.

    4. All £100 Cash Reward online claims and associated documentation must be received by 31st December 2020. No £100 Cash Reward claims will be accepted after this date. No responsibility will be accepted for documentation that is lost, damaged or delayed in transit. Proof of posting is not proof of receipt.

    5. Illegible, altered or inaccurately completed claim forms, or claim forms which are not accompanied by the required documentation, will be deemed void. If any of the accompanying documentation is illegible or altered, the claim will be deemed void.

    6. Only originals of your final sales invoice, payment receipt and delivery note will be accepted. These will be returned to you.

    7. The purchaser’s name and address shown on this claim form must be the same as the name and address on the final sales invoice, delivery note and identification.

    8. If at any time following delivery of your Duresta furniture you reject it for any reason and obtain a refund of all the purchase price paid, you cease to be eligible for the £100 Cash Reward and we reserve the right to claim a refund of the £100 Cash Reward paid to you.

    9. In the case that the purchase has been agreed to be returned to Duresta, the £100 cheque will also need to be returned.

    10. If at any time following delivery of your Duresta furniture you obtain a refund of part of the purchase price paid, you are only entitled to the £100 Cash Reward calculated on the purchase price less such refund and we reserve the right to claim a refund from you of any overpayment.

    11. Your claim will be validated with the retailer. If your claim is valid, a £100 Cash Reward will be sent to the address shown on this claim form within 28 days of receipt by Duresta of your claim.

    12. Duresta will notify you if your claim is not validated by the retailer and give you an opportunity to provide further evidence in support of your claim. However, Duresta’s decision as to whether or not your claim is valid will be final.

    13. All instructions given in this claim form are part of these terms and conditions. By claiming your £100 Cash Reward, you are deemed to have read and accepted these terms and conditions.

    14. There is no credit alternative to this offer.

    15. If you require assistance or have any queries on your claim form, please telephone Duresta on 01773 604 121.

    16. Your details will be held for the purpose of this offer only. To read Duresta full commercial privacy policy, visit www.duresta.com/commercial-privacy-policy/