The Harvard collection sits proudly within any home, its poised, sophisticated elegance stops everyone in their tracks. If you’re in need of a new, luxurious, and graceful décor in your home, then the Harvard collection is perfect for you.

Our Harvard Corner sofa, dressed in Monarch Natural, showcases a gorgeous neutral and soft design. Perfect for creating a calm and delicate style décor. Its large and sumptuous seats offer the most comfortable, yet stylish, seating experience. This collection possesses all the charming elements, like ruching, that enhance its luxuriousness and overall glamourous aesthetic.

Do you want to know our secret to creating fabulous-looking furniture?

It’s all in the scatters we use! Our prescribed fabrics on the Harvard have been carefully selected by our fabulous design team, so its styling looks effortlessly divine. This enhances the look and feel of our beautiful scatters, contributing to the Harvard’s dazzling design. With the selection of fabrics used on the scatters, depth and character is added to your Harvard, through different patterns and textures. The staple pinwheel scatter adds an element of esteemed décor, with its deep centre button, elegant pleating and soft to the touch material.

The perfect sofa is not complete without a statement reading chair. If your home uses cooler styled tones then our Reading Chair, dressed in Monarch Anthracite with natural ruching, is perfect for you. If ruching is not to your taste, then the Harvard can now also be self-piped.

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