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Here at Duresta we are enormously proud of our heritage, and equally as ambitious for our future!
Our designs are constantly evolving, but our values will always remain the same.


Every piece of furniture we produce is designed to take pride of place in any home. Our hardwood frames are dowelled, glued and screwed, with a 25 year guarantee to provide a robust foundation upon which we create our designs.

We only choose fabrics from the most prestigious mills and all are exclusive to Duresta. Our pattern-matching skills are unrivalled, and we take enormous pride in being able to sew precision seams when matching complex patterns.

We choose and use the best, and have partnerships with those who understand our brand and our aim to maintain an outstanding level of quality.


Our studio works tirelessly to develop and update our designs. At the heart of every Duresta item of furniture is an inspirational and iconic element of classic English style which is given a unique twist by using fabrics and trimmings that are sourced from all around the world. The result is a truly exciting collection with an individual and unique look that is the very forefront of interior style, enhanced by fine detail and perfect proportion.

Your home, taste and lifestyle will be reflected in the choices you make from our exclusive furniture ranges. Our designs are past, present and future classics, pushing the boundaries of interior design perfection and global appeal.


There are over 200 reasons that make each Duresta sofa simply the finest available, with each member of the team committed to their individual craft. Our experts work closely together to produce handmade furniture with passion, skill and enthusiasm.

Many Duresta team members have produced perfectly hand-crafted pieces for over 25 years, and are committed advisors to our younger employees.

We all work together with confidence to make Duresta’s future both skilful and successful.

Our Story

There are over 200 reasons that make each Duresta sofa simply the finest available.

The Duresta Story